We plan, advise and design – sustainably and interdisciplinary.

We employ a range of specialists as necessary and as requested, including structural engineers, fire engineers and wood protection specialists. 

Attic Conversion

Building an attic extension is almost becoming a simplified and preferred method of creating new homes thanks to recent changes in the Berlin building regulations to encourage the provision of additional housing.

Feasibility Studies

Our firm holds extensive experience with conducting feasibility studies for sites throughout Berlin. These can range in scale from the conversion of an attic into a rooftop apartment, to the proposing of new structures on a site.


Renovating an existing apartment block up to modern standards can improve the energy efficiency of a building, enhance its comfort and livability, improve the security of your property and increase its value and attractiveness for future tenants.

New Builds

Our firm is experienced with a variety of new build projects, including new build sites, regeneration sites, as well as building in close proximity to historic and protected structures. You can trust that whatever your wishes, we can accurately advise you on the range of options that would best fit your site.

Detailed Design

Our firm is experienced in completing the detailed design processes outlined under the HOAI. We can produce the necessary technical solutions for your building, specifying materials and systems that will work within the existing context.

Facade Renovation

Renovating the facades of Berlin's pre-war historic buildings is certainly a challenge to negotiate, involving multiple specialists and contractors. It is important to preserve the existing built heritage, yet the benefits with increased insulation and a more aesthetically pleasing building are numerous

Apartment Renovation

Renovating existing neglected historic apartments is a great way to bring modern housing to an area without the costs of a new build project. We can propose low impact, high reward solutions that can work without impacting tenants.

Planning Permission

A well-planned application will help to ensure that your project progresses smoothly and efficiently, avoiding potential problems along the way. A good plan will also help to keep costs under control and ensure that your project stays within its budget.

Roof Renovation

Renovating a roof is a necessary but complex process. It can bring numerous benefits, increase the energy efficiency of a building and prevent the seepage of damp or mould.

Project Management

Our firm can monitor and engage in the management of construction projects to ensure that they are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. We act as the client’s eyes and ears on the ground and represent them in their absence.


Our firm participates in numerous competitions every year, both local and international. If you are organising a competition and would like input from one of Berlin's most innovative architecture firms, please get in contact.

Interior Design

Our firm offers a bespoke interior design service which can improve the function of a space and make it more efficient as well as create an atmosphere through an aesthetically pleasing environment. We can source particular furniture from specific styles or use our experience in furniture design to fabricate a bespoke custom made piece.