By Daniel O’Reilly l  ARCH x TECTURE

In 2022 we entered the international design competition ‚Micro Housing‘ organized by Impact Design Competitions. We were awarded an honorable mention for our MICRO.TOWER proposal to alleviate Berlin’s housing shortage. 

Our work was featured in the international sustainability magazine Treehugger:

MICRO.TOWER Article in English

MICRO.TOWER Article in Spanish

Since life in densely populated cities is becoming more and more expensive and land resources are becoming increasingly scarce, the micro.tower offers a solution for accommodating residents with a minimal footprint. Two modules per floor, each under 350 square feet, are stacked to a tower to inhabit 100 individuals, connected by an open staircase. This allows the usage of small building sites, that are unattractive to most developers. 

87.5 square feet per resident can seem like a limitation, the micro.tower aims to turn this into a quality. All doors are slidable or foldable and open generously to the outside, so each area feels spacious and flooded with light, thus it never feels confined. While the private space acts as a retreat from busy city life for each resident, it gradually opens up to a larger community. First to the community area in the unit, from there to the neighbors on your floor, then on to the rooftop community and finally to the neighborhood on the ground floor, which is planned for public and commercial usage. The selected site shows that micro.tower can adapt to a busy and densely built-up area.


Designed by:

Stefanie Hünitzsch

Thomas Blachut – website

Zoe Beckard

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